We help public administration, non-profit and commercial organizations to grow, develop, plan strategically, quantify their impacts and educate themselves.

Strategic consulting, analysis and feasibility studies.

Impact analyzes for (not only) culture, sport and tourism.

Consulting and analysis in the field of culture and non-profit organizations.

Educational platform, Czech hub for European Festivals Association…

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KREIA a Goethe Institut
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KREIA a Goethe Institut

We offer processing of the following studies:

  • Strategy of tourism, sport, culture, cultural and creative industries
  • Economic impact studies (for events, projects, organizations and entire industries), cost-benefit analyses
  • Feasibility studies (for investment plans and actions), operational and financial models of organizations
  • Analyses of attendance, mobility, locations
  • Evaluation of cultural organizations, education, consultation, consultancy...

We have been cooperating on a long-term basis with

  • EFA – European Festivals Association
  • CzechTourism
  • Arts/Theatre Institute
  • Czech Statistical Office
  • universities

Our team

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Ondřej Špaček

Ondřej Špaček


CEO of KREIA group, specialist in regional development and tourism

Ondřej has extensive practical experience with matters of regional and territorial development, tourism, sports, culture and leisure activities. He focuses on the preparation of comprehensively conceived studies dedicated to both the analysis and synthesis of data, as well as the preparation of development concepts, strategies and action plans and last but not least, studies identifying impact aspects.
Ondřej worked at KPMG for 11 years. In total, during his professional career he had the opportunity to handle around 350 projects.

Tereza Raabová

Tereza Raabová


Senior Manager, specialist in the evaluation and economics of culture

Tereza has many years of experience in the field of cultural policy, regional development, economy of culture, evaluation and management of cultural organizations and events. For calculations of economic impacts, she developed a methodology certified by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, and the KulKal.cz application. She studied VŠE (Tourism), JAMU (Artistic Management), internships in Finland and Canada. She cooperates professionally with a number of organizations (National Network of Healthy Cities, CENIA, Arts and Theatre Institute) and universities (VŠE, JAMU, MUNI, UTB, etc.).

Jan Sedlár

Jan Sedlár


Senior Manager, specialist in market analysis and sports

Jan specializes in the management and processing of projects in the fields of regional development, tourism, sports and leisure activities. He also specializes in strategic and conceptual studies, evaluations and impact analyses, feasibility studies and business plans investment evaluation. He studied economics at Charles University (IES FSV UK) and worked at KPMG and Kearney. He holds PRINCE2® project management certificates.

Tereza Jetelová

Tereza Jetelová


Senior Consultant, director of Culture Matters

Tereza specializes in the processing of projects in the fields of culture, tourism and leisure activities. She deals with strategic and conceptual studies, impact analyzes and feasibility studies. Since she graduated in Management in Culture (MUNI), she is close to the areas of evaluation and management of cultural organizations. Tereza has practical experience with data processing as part of media monitoring.

Veronika Lacová

Veronika Lacová


Senior Consultant, data and information analysis specialist

Veronika manages projects that focus on processing of strategic and conceptual studies, cost-benefit analysis, audits of process management and data processing. She processes projects in the areas of regional development, tourism, management of enterprises in the public sector and control of subsidies. She studied diplomacy at the University of Economics. She is in the process of a combined study of Informatics at the Czech Technical University (ČVUT).

Jakub Kos

Jakub Kos


Senior banking manager

Jakub has 17 years of experience in banking, where he held various managerial positions. He mainly dealt with customer relationship management and payment systems. He also spent a long time managing and motivating larger work teams, managing projects and optimizing and automating processes in order to increase their quality and efficiency. In recent years, he has been working as a project manager and consultant mainly in the field of regional development, tourism and process optimization.

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